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Braindrain Solutions was born in February 2015 from the idea of Nicola Russo and Michele Galli, who wanted to create a software that would have given to people the opportunity to control their houses and save money and energy. Therefore the team started working on a software which could help people in their daily activities and we came out with the idea of a digital butler , who’s called Alfred Smart Home.



Our aim is to give customers the opportunity to live their lives in a smarter way and be aware of extra-consumptions and cut extra costs by providing them a full service regarding energy consumption. We’ll do our best in day to day business in order to keep high standards and create a friendly user product which will let the customer feel part of it.


We also aim to a greener world, in which technology can help builders and governments in save money on polluting materials and invest in green energy by creating smart cities and high-tech buildings.


Home automation is what the telephone was in the early ‘90s, it won’t take long before everyone will use it. People are becoming lazier and their needs have changed in the years.

People are always in a rush and we believe that Home Automation will simplify our lives by analysing and anticipating our needs, our bathrooms will never be freezing again at 7am, our coffee will me made automatically while we smoothly wake up.

Alfred Smart Home is the smartest software that has been produced so far, it reduces energy consumptions and suggest which supplier is more suitable for the user.

OUR PRODUCT: Alfred Smart Home!

Alfred Smart Home is multi-platform home automation software which works without an hub, everything is in cloud and has the same latency of any other competitor that is producing hardware.

But what makes us outstanding is that we’ll give the opportunity to literally everyone to have an automated house by offering the best product we can produce at a highly competitive price.

We also offer a service that nobody is offering at the moment which is the detailed consumption’s monitoring, Alfred Smart Home will notify the user if there’s an energy waste and suggest which energy supplier suit him based on datas that are stored in his database, in order to make him save money.

We give the opportunity to our customers to virtualise also appliances that are not smart by using a smart socket. We can automate a factory based on the entrepreneur’s needs.


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